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The anamalai tourist place is Situated in the Western Ghats in the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Anaimalai Hills is a popular mountain range, which means technical means Elephant Hills as “Anai” elephants “malai” means hill. Anaimalai entire subgroup, which also includes the hills of Anaimalai that are considered by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Tamil Nadu is known for its wide range of destinations. Every year thousands of tourists not only from India but also from abroad travel to Tamil Nadu in the beautiful wild tourism. Anamalai Tiger Reserve is one of the beautiful and serene forests near Coimbatore. One such place is the village. It is a popular village in Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu. The village is known for its beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Coimbatore surrounding hills give people a great view. The area has seen nice guy climate with heavy rain.

The monsoon season is the peak season for people. Design of rain makes green village attractive. There are many places of worship in Anamalai tiger reserve attracts many fans from around the country. The Wildlife Sanctuary and the anaimalai Indira Gandhi National Park is very popular with visitors to the city park very interesting. The park has a wide variety of animals, including rare species in this park to see. The anaimalai tourist place is located at a height of 1400 meters in the Western Ghats near Pollachi is located (90 km. From Coimbatore). The sanctuary area is 958 square kilometers. It has different kinds of wild animals. Amaravati Reservoir in Anamalai tourist place have a large number of crocodiles.

There are also many places to visit wild life activities. The tourist place around anaimalai are kalliyapuram village, parambikulam, kolikamuthi elephant camp, Masani Amman temple, Mt Stuart Block, Varagaliar Elephant Camp, Azhiyar Sid ashram, these are the best place to visit anamalai tourism.



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