Mudumalai tourism

Mudumalai tourism

The national park in Mudumalai consists of many protected animals of rare species including tiger, jackals, Asian elephant, mouse deer, flying squirrel’s otters and langurs.

It will be a good sightseeing spot for tourists of all ages since these animals are of good fun watching.

Mudumalai tourist place is a special destination for birds that consists of endangered and threatened species which lives all around the world. These birds include Eagles, green pigeons, cuckoos, spaniels, falcons, and owls.

Mudumalai sanctuary also consists of Pythons, Crocodiles, Turtles, Frogs, Bamboo nest snakes of different varieties.

Another main attraction of Mudumalai is Pykara lake which is a private lake free from unwanted crowd and disturbances. This lake is situated 40 km away from Theppakadu a commonly known tourist spot.

Pykara lake is located in between two hills that give it a clean environment

The boat race is a special attraction of the pykara lake that is held annually with lots of visitors.

Another activity is Trekking in Mudumalai forest Jungle this can be enjoyed in three different modes

  • Elephant safari-  Unique thing of Mudumalai
  • Van safari- Comfortable for people of all age especially family
  • Jeep safari –  For wild lovers

Elephant safari – In this elephant safari jungle camping, we can enjoy a ride in the back of a trained elephant.It gives up goosebumps riding on the wild animal through the dense roads of the forests. Tourists should definitely give a try to Elephant safari.

Van safari– This mode of safari provides a comfortable way to reach the dense and beautiful areas of the forest. People of all the age can enjoy this safari since it is a safe and convenient way to explore the forest.

Jeep safari– Jeep safari gives you the complete experience in Jungle Camping of Mudumalai. A group of people with an experienced driver and guide makes a great combination for the jeep safari, wild animals can be spotted near to the jeep and that’s an awesome experience in the jungle.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Mudumalai is from October to February.since the climate is awesome and there are several chances for seeing wild animals and birds in the dense forest of Mudumalai.


Trekking in mudumalai forest
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